Facts + Law. Every Time.

The job of a judge is to take the facts before her, apply the law as it is written and render a decision. At no time is a judge allowed to ignore a law she doesn’t like or act on bias. We must be the independent third branch we were designed to be. We cannot allow our independence to be usurped by a small group of individuals.

We talk about access to justice. But before we can even talk about access, we need to address equal justice for all. How can a person have access to justice if they can’t even get through the door of the courthouse without being discriminated against?

We need to create a system of justice where all can be heard and treated with dignity and respect. This means we check ourselves and implicit and explicit biases daily. This means we find ways to educate the community about the judicial system and we welcome them to use it as a means to dispute resolution.

It is time to shake things up, diversify the bench and look out for the best interests of the community. It is time for the court to be a place where citizens go to have their disputes heard and addressed in a fair and impartial way.

I am not the establishment candidate. I will not campaign on my personal beliefs. I will not do this because it is unethical. I am pro-law and I hold that sacred. I welcome you to join me on this journey and hope I will earn your support for Circuit Court Judge of McHenry County.

Be Well,